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Everyone is Invited!

Invitation of the collective show "Transform8"

Transform8, a group show curated by Mariano Cinat, features 7 artists who are using different art techniques and mediums to express a transformation from figurative into abstract and back again. They are interacting with an “8th”- the viewer- whose role is as important as that of the artists

“8” is also the symbol of infinity and these artists see transformations between the figurative and the abstract as an infinite process, one that involves infinite communication with its audience.

Transform8 features work by Charyl Weissbach, who uses encaustic on panel to develop a series of landscapes that explore nature’s vastness and movement that transcends space and time. Augusto Fanjul’s work captures the human figure in movement, creating an illusion that the illustrated figure is actually moving. Eva Mueller plays with “magical” movement, making the photographed figures disappear into abstract light and space. Jon Coffelt, working with duct tape, uses the concept of Wabi Sabi (Japanese aesthetic philosophy), perverse beauty co-operating within deliberate imperfection. Eliana Perez’ inked shape figures disintegrate into mysterious, abstract landscapes. Mariano Cinat’s landscapes invite you to enter into his personalized world of spirituality. And Espartaco Albornoz’ works are inspired by the abstraction of ancient writing into the creation of a human figure.

These 7 artists invite you, the 8th critical participant, to enter into the infinite possibilities of this process, from figurative to abstract and back again, that will Transform8 you.

-Mariano Cinat (Curator)

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